BALSU was established as a family business in 1979. Its headquarters is based in Istanbul. BALSU processing plant, which is conveniently located one hour drive away from the HQ in the Western Black Sea region, supplies processed hazelnuts to the entire World and it is one of the most technologically advanced facilities in its field.

BALSU Europe GmbH is based in Munich and it was founded in 1999 by taking over our Founder’s company A&C Marketing GmbH, founded in 1978.

Established as BALSU’s first endeavor abroad, BALSU USA Inc. was founded in 1994. Our office in Miami is the first point-of-contact for clients located in the Americas and Canada.

BALSU Asia was established in 2018 in Hong-Kong to serve and act as a point-of-contact for clients located in the Far East and Australia.

BZT was established for sourcing inshell hazelnuts directly from farmers in Ordu province and its surroundings through its main branch in Hendek.BZT employs highly qualified hazelnut experts in the industry and serves its suppliers via two different logistics centers, enabling to reach all geographical regions in Turkey.

Having more than 200 suppliers, BZT has a well-diversified supply chain.

BZT employs more than 15 agricultural engineers in order to serve the farmers for sustainable, yield efficient production by adopting all the modern farming techniques.

BZT has been working on mapping its supply chain in order to enhance traceability to serve its clients all the way back to the farms on sourcing.

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