One of the Leading Hazelnut Processors in The World Today

Aiming to create the best value for hazelnuts, BALSU has been filling the big gap between the global confectionary industry and hazelnut farms by serving its clients through a unique supply chain. BALSU manages the procurement operations of the hazelnuts from all over the Black Sea region starting from East Istanbul all the way to Artvin.

BALSU employs highly qualified hazelnut experts in the industry for providing superior service and the classification of incoming hazelnuts according to varieties. Having two different logistic centers in Hendek and Ordu, BALSU has the capacity to reach hazelnuts from all regions with its over 200 distinguished and well diversified suppliers and thousands of farmers.

BALSU agricultural engineers serve the farmers for sustainable, yield efficient production by adopting all modern farming techniques. We work on mapping our supply chain in order to enhance traceability to serve clients all the way back to the farms on sourcing.

Within the context of reaching the hazelnuts in its source, providing sustainability and traceability direct from producers, Balsu’s stores are located Bartın, Kandıra, Akçakoca, Çarşamba, İkizce and Güzelyurt started offering services as of 2022.

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