BALSU GIDA SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş. has prepared this document within the scope of our liability as Data Controller to inform data subjects whose personal data are processed in accordance with Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 Article 10.

Our company has the right to record, store, update, reveal to third parties in cases the legislation permits, hand over, classify, and process your personal data within the Personal Data Protection Law in accordance with the framework explained below.


The purpose and legal reasons for processing personal data: Your personal data are processed within the scope of Turkish Labor Law No. 4857, Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Act No. 5510, Banking Law No. 5411, Law on Generalization of Usage of Tax Identification Number No. 4358, Law on Prevention of Laundering Proceeds of Crime No. 5549, Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102, sub-regulations made with regard to these laws, and provisions of other laws that are related with our Company’s activities, in order to confirm the identity, address, and other necessary information of the persons carrying out any transaction; execute electronic or printed transactions; apply with the liabilities of data storing, reporting, and informing imposed by relevant legislation and other competent authorities; offering the required services; and fulfilling and executing the signed contracts.

Upon your permission, your personal data shall be processed and used by our Company, within the legislation and in addition to your purpose of sharing your personal data with our Company in the first place, for planning and realizing business activities, developing product, service, and working models, analyzing risks, managing customer relations, being used in performance monitoring and analysis studies, statistical studies, and making satisfaction surveys.

You can be recorded with cameras at our head office and branch offices for the sake of workplace security and legitimate interests of our Company.


Personal data can be transferred to the following persons/organizations for the purposes listed above: Persons and organizations that Personal Data Protection Law permits; and other domestic third parties that our Company is directly/indirectly related, including but not limited to public corporations like The Financial Crimes Investigation Board, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Treasury and Finance, Revenue Administration, and Social Security Institution.


Collection method of personal data and legal reason for collecting: Your personal data are collected through all contracts / information forms and other documents prepared in accordance with the relevant legislation upon your confirmation and/or signature, notifications that you will make through electronic confirmation and/or signature, oral and written via head office / branch office phone lines, fax, e-mail, web site, or completely or partially automatic methods on electronic environment, or non-automatic methods as part of and data recording system in order for our Company to completely fulfill its legal and contractual obligations.


Your rights as customer / data owner are as follows with regard to Article 11 of Personal Data Protection Law: Upon your appeal to our Company, you can;


a)learn whether your data have been processed or not,
b)ask to be informed about it, if your data have been processed,
c)learn the purpose of processing and whether they have been used in accordance with the essential purpose of collection,
d)learn the domestic or international third parties to whom your data have been transferred,
e)ask for correction if processed partially or wrongly,
f)ask for deletion / termination of your personal data within the conditions stated in Article 7 of Personal Data Protection Law,
g)ask for informing the third parties to whom your personal data have been transferred about the procedures carried out with regard to items (e) and (f) above,
h)exclusively object to any unfavorable results that can occur upon being analyzed on automatic systems,
i)ask for compensation in case you suffer any loses due to your personal data being processed illegally.