Door to the future…


With this letter, I want to focus your attention on the life-struggle experience on the Black Sea Shores of Turkey and the role of Hazelnut in this war of survival.


A total of 8 million people are living on this shore-line, which is about 1.287,20 km long. The average yearly income is not more than USD 1.500, because unfortunately there is no hi-tech “third wave” investment in this area. Even the numbers of “second wave” industrial facilities do not exceed our ten fingers and the population tries to make their living from agriculture.


Since the high mountains parallel to the shore line are very steep and begin right at shore, machinery can be used seldom and the only tool is hand-work as in earlier eras.


Hazelnuts are everything to the people of this region.  Even in the highest steep slopes the short hazelnut trees make their contribution to the war of survival.


Hazelnuts, which have been produced in this area since 300 B.C. and provide over 75 % of the total world production, assure a beautiful taste in the most healthy way to consumers-not only in Turkey, but also with a yearly export value of more than  USD 650 million over 90 countries-all over the world.


Unfortunately, investments in Hazelnuts are very few and in very old traditional systems. For this reason, raw Hazelnuts are being processed and evaluated in many other countries rather than the original country-Turkey.


Through advanced processing of the Hazelnuts, we at BALSU have tried to provide more benefits to the producers since 1980. Our second roasting and processing plant in the region of Hendek started to produce in 1996. I am very confident, that this state-of-the-art factory, unique, not only in Turkey, but also whole world in this industry, will absolutely draw more attention to this product.


Nevertheless success remains dependent also on the depth and vision of client relationships and the market’s perception of the quality of goods and services offered. So, for this reason, in 1996 we have made very significant changes in our marketing organization in order to offer our customers the best possible service.


There is a future to this product and for these people! BALSU will definitely continue its efforts to form this future as good as possible. Through your interest for this beautiful product and your confidence in us, you are certainly helping us to open the door to the future…


Thank you!


H. Cüneyd Zapsu, Founder


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