The processing facility combines the latest technology with hard to replace human touch to maintain top quality processing throughout the entire production. The strictest hygienic conditions are observed with extreme care. Total Quality Management principles are followed at each stage of production and random samples are analyzed by multiple testing procedures. Balsu controls all incoming goods in Balsu’s own fully equipped lab for the promised consistent quality. Only quality assured hazelnuts are further processed for production.


Balsu plant is equipped with the highest technology laboratory standards and is able to perform the latest techniques of food analysis for chemical, physical, toxic and microbiological quality control. The Quality Department monitors the Quality Assurance and Food Safety Management Program of our company with regard to the process control, finished product control, and the factory and employee hygiene.


Statistical Process Control applications help to control the critical process parameters. The figures are always shared with the production team and any fluctuation is taken under control before a parameter goes out of the specifications.


For each batch of production, witness samples are collected and stored in our Quality Department.

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